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Office Removals Worthing

Office Removals Worthing

How To Ensure A Smooth Office Move

It may surprise you, but moving office can be far more stressful and complex than moving house. Time is money so an office move needs careful planning and organisation. There are many reasons that you need to re-locate your business:

  • Expansion – you need more space to expand your business
  • Downsizing – you need less space for your business
  • Lease termination
  • Rent increase – many businesses move to save money by finding a cheaper location

Office Removals WorthingWhatever your reasons for moving, you’ll need to devise a plan that will ensure a smooth transition to your new location with as little disruption as possible to your company’s productivity.

Here are a few points to consider when moving office.

The New Location

When searching for a new location be sure to work out a floor plan for your new premises: will it be open plan, with cubicles, separate offices; will you need storage rooms, a kitchen, rest rooms, parking facilities? If you have disabled employees you’ll need to ensure the new premises has  adequate accessibility.

Choose A Suitable Moving Date

Try to pick a slower period for the move. August tends to be quieter as many people are away on holiday. The Christmas/New Year period also tends to be slower, but be aware of public holidays and harsher weather conditions. If your business is busy in the build up to Christmas, it may be better to wait until January to re-locate.

You’ll need to prepare a few days for when the office is out-of-action but business doesn’t necessarily have to stop. Use smartphones and tablets to keep on top of things.

Work Out A Timeline

Forward planning is the key to a smooth office move. You’ll need to book  your office removals company 6 months in advance. Discuss with your chosen office removals company whether you’d like a complete packing service, part packing or whether you’d prefer them to supply packing materials and you do the packing yourself.

Check if the removals company provides long or short term storage facilities, especially if you’re downsizing but don’t want to get rid of items.

Order new furnishings and hardware 3 months before the move so that everything’s ready to be delivered on time.

Book cleaners for both the old and new premises at least 3 months in advance.

A couple of weeks before the move, update your website, business cards and office stationery with your new contact details and announce your re-location on social media sites.

For a smooth office move, Contact O’Brien Of Worthing today.

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Tips for Moving Office

Relocating a business can be a very time-consuming and stressful manoeuvre. You can take the strain off by putting in a good level of planning. By using a reputable removals service, you can make sure your move to pastures new goes without a hitch. There are several removals companies that specialise in office removals, but if you need office removalsWorthing, look no further than O’Brien of Worthing.

Here are some tips to help you plan and execute your big move.

Hiring Help office removals

With the internet at our disposal, it’s never been easier to find a company that can help with just about any of our needs. Make sure you book a removals company for the move and a cleaner to make sure the space is spick and span so you get your deposit back. Hop onto Google, typing the service you require and location, e.g. ‘office removals Worthing’, to find a local company that can help. Make contact at least two months before the move, so you can get the dates you want.

office removals Making a Timeline

As soon as you know about the move, create a timeline so you can get straight which tasks need to be done when. If you have a big office, you’ll need much more time to make arrangements for the move. It can seem overwhelming when considering all the things that need doing. For example, you might need to make arrangements to buy new furniture or update phone numbers, permits and utility bills. If time is going to be an issue you can usually arrange for an office removals company to come in and pack up everything you want to take.

The Run Up office removals

If you’ve opted for help, the company dealing with your office move will pack up all your equipment and furniture. If you feel like you have enough man power, then the removals company will simply drop off all the packing materials you need, so you can get everything ready yourself. They can also offer advice so you can be as prepared as possible. Your office removals company will usually be able to provide storage solutions for any excess equipment or furniture.

A smooth moving day depends on getting the right people booked and planning how you’ll prepare the contents of your office for the big day. Whether you want to pack yourself or get a specialist office removals company involved, remember to leave enough time to get everything ready. With the right preparation you’ll be celebrating in your new office in no time.

For more information on office removals in Worthing and the surrounding area, contact O’Brien of Worthing on 01903 233 560.