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Reasons to Choose a Local Company That Deals With Removals Horsham Based.

If you’re moving house, whether you’re just moving a few streets away or to a different part of the country, you need to make sure you hire a removals company that can handle the job. If you’re looking for removals  Horsham based, it’s a good idea to use a local removal company instead of a big chain.

Customer Service with a Personal Touch removals horsham

In any industry, a smaller local business will take the time to give you better customer service than a big chain, and removals are no exception. Family-run businesses are even better – they know how tough moving house can be, especially if you’ve got kids, and they’ll do a great job to make the experience as easy for you as possible.

They Know the Area                  removals horsham

When you’re moving home, you’ll want to make sure all of your things arrive at the new house on time, so you’re not left without anything you need. If you’re moving somewhere in the local area, finding a local removal company in Horsham will give you an advantage. Someone who knows the area will make sure your treasured possessions get to your new home as quickly and efficiently as possible. There won’t be any hassle with removals people getting lost or taking longer than they should.

They’ll Even Help You Move to Another Area

Even if you’re moving further afield, a removal company local to your current home will be happy to help you move to other parts of the country or even abroad. Choosing a company that is local to the house you’re moving from will make things easier no matter where you’re going. Getting to your current house on time to get everything packed is the most important thing for a smooth moving day, and a local company will be the best choice for this.

They May Offer Extra Services        removals horsham

Some local removal companies may be able to offer extra services you might need. If you have any items that are particularly difficult to move, including large or easily broken items such as pianos, you may want to look for a removal company that has plenty of experience dealing with these sorts of special jobs. They may also offer services beyond the realm of removals, including storage, which may be of use to you even if you aren’t looking to move house any time soon.

O’Brien of Worthing Removals are a great family-run business who can help you move home or office, and will even help you move abroad. If you’re looking for removals Horsham based or beyond, get in touch today to see what they can do for you.

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Oustanding Removals Chichester Can Find

Moving house doesn’t need to be stressful, but choosing a removal company does take some planning. It’s always good to think locally first, so if you’re moving to or from Chichester Googling ‘removals Chichester’ is a good start. Here are a handful of other things to consider.


Once you’ve found a removal company that seems suitable, pick up the phone and call them. The courtesy of the phone operator will give you a good indication of the    professionalism and efficiency of the removal company itself.


removals chichesterIf the removal company you’ve chosen doesn’t offer dedicated moving insurance, stop the conversation and find somebody else. Even the best removal companies sometimes have things break, and moving is stressful enough without a backup plan. It’s also best to make sure your home and contents insurance is up to date.

Multiple Packing Services

You can always choose to pack your items, but it’s often better to leave it to the experts. Look for a company that offers flexible packing services, be it a full packing service for your home or business or a partial packing service for your fragile items. If you do decide to do your own packing, ask if your removals company can offer advice. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of your move and finding that your items are broken because your tape didn’t stick!

International Logistics

If there’s one thing more stressful than moving across town, it’s moving abroad. If you’re making the transition to a new country, make sure your moving company is affiliated with reliable and professional international shipping services. It’s best to choose a removal company that has been working with shipping firms for a long time, and who can put you in contact with a reliable FIDI agent in your destination country.

Storage Solutions

removals chichesterIf your possessions are likely to reach your destination before you do, ensure your removal company offers long and short-term storage solutions. If moving internationally, ask which countries their storage solutions are available in, as you may be pleasantly surprised at just what your local removal company can offer. Choosing a removal company for indefinite storage is also a great option if you want to declutter your home while it’s on the market.


Nothing speaks louder than a host of satisfied customers. Look for online testimonials and use these as a guide. Speed, efficiency, professionalism, and courtesy are the must-haves for any removal company. If people have taken the time to register their satisfaction, you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

If you’re looking for outstanding services in removals Chichester has to offer ,then  contact O’Brien of Worthing today.

Removal Trucks Over The Years

For over 100 years, removals trucks have been a mainstay on British roads, and for a while were at the heart of the British economy. Let’s take a look at how the trucks, themselves, have moved over the years.

removals sussexThe Beginning

Before anyone could visualise the trucks of today, there was the steel-tyred Foden. Designed in 1898, this steam wagon was cutting edge at a time when furniture was moved by horse-drawn box vans. In 1914, Foden was the first to replace his truck’s steel tyres with vulcanised rubber, while the loss of interest in steam-powered engines led him to develop the Gardner LW (Light Weight) oil engine.

removals sussexThe 1930s

As the depression bit, and the British truck industry suffered, the most recognisable British removals truck was the 1932 Scammell Mechanical Horse Lorry. These three-wheeled trucks were proud bearers of the Railway and Road Containing system, an enclosed system that allowed for the safe transport of household items. Another British company that met the depression head-on was Guy Motors. The Guy Vixen, Guy Otter, and Guy Wolf removals trucks were released to much acclaim in the early 1930s. The Guy Vixen would remain a familiar sight on British roads until 1964.

removals sussexThe 1940s

During World War II, the Bedford O Series was everywhere. For the military, it was modified for general service and for civilians it was the removals truck of choice. Owned by GE and manufactured by Vauxhall, the O Series boasted a 3.5 litre engine, four-speed gearbox, spiral bevel gearbox, and hydraulic brakes. The series went out of production in 1949.

removals sussexThe 1950s to the 1970s

Post-war, Britain’s truck manufacturers boomed. The Guy Vixen’s 3.7-litre petrol engine was upgraded to the more powerful Perkins P4 in 1955, while 1960 saw Morris develop the FG and FM. The FG’s ‘three-penny bit’ cab boasted rear-hinged cab doors that opened only as wide as the cab body, and kerbside windows to eliminate a worrisome blind-spot. The FG was modified by Leyland, upon their merger with Morris, and seen in the removals industry throughout the ‘70s.

removals sussexThe 1980s until Now

By 1980, Leyland’s ruthless merger program saw the demise of AEG, Albion, Guy, and Thornycroft. Scammell fell to Leyland in the early 80s, and Foden was acquired by American
manufacturer, PACCAR. Leyland itself merged with Netherlands firm DAF in 1987, which was also acquired by PACCAR. Today, European brands such as DAF, Iveco, and Scania rule the UK removals business, offering unprecedented speed, power, comfort, and safety to transport your furniture anywhere. What Edwin Foden would have made of the 2014 DAF CF250’s aluminium side skirts, double sleeper cab, ramps, and 250bhp Euro engine is anybody’s guess.

If you need a relible, traditional removal company, get in touch with O’Brien of Worthing.