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Why Spain Is So Popular With Ex Pats

Spain has always been a popular destination for older Brits who want to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable retirement. However, many younger Brits are also re-evaluating their lives and are considering the benefits of moving to Europe.

Here’s a look at why Spain is such an appealing destination for Brits who want a change of lifestyle.

House Removals WorthingWeather

Spain receives a large amount of sunny days throughout the year; a nice change from endless rainy days. Good weather encourages you to live a more active and healthy lifestyle and socialise more. Outdoor sports such as jogging, hiking, cycling, golf, tennis and water sports are particularly popular in Spain. However, there’s also the possibility to enjoy winter sports. Fabulous ski resorts can be found in Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees. For the more adventurous sports lovers, the Pyrenees is also one of the premier spots in Europe for white water rafting!


Famous Spanish cities such as Seville, Barcelona and Madrid are famous world wide for their beauty, culture, history, art galleries, museums, shopping and fine cuisine restaurants. For those who enjoy nightlife, the main Spanish cities are buzzing, vibrant destinations, ideal for wining, dining and partying into the night.


Family and community gatherings hold a special meaning for the Spanish and you’ll always find a fiesta being held in one town or village or the other. Fun, friendly and entertaining, a visit to a traditional fiesta is a great way of seeing the ‘real’ Spain. Away from the hectic city lifestyle, the pace of life in smaller towns and villages is also slower and more relaxed.


Once you get away from the busy tourist spots you’ll find a country full of natural beauty offering diverse landscapes, pretty rural villages and unspoilt coastlines. From the green forests of the Basque region to the wilderness of Galicia, the spectacular Picos de Europa or the many national parks, there is always somewhere to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature.


Although more expensive since the introduction of the Euro in 2002, the cost of living in Spain still remains far less than the UK, especially property, petrol, groceries and alcohol.


Spain is only a short flight away from the UK so it’s far more accessible for friends and family than other ex pat destinations such as Australia. In fact with low cost airline deals, it’s practically commutable!

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