Moving Home Worthing

Moving Home Worthing

What Kind Of Packing Service Should You Choose?

One of the most stressful and tiring parts of moving home is the packing. Packing up your belongings isn’t just a case of throwing a few things into boxes and cramming them into the back of a van. Packing needs careful thought and organisation, especially if you want to avoid heated arguments!

When hiring a removals firm, you should consider what kind of packing service will best suit your needs. Are you packing up a one bedroom flat or a five bedroomed house? What kind of service will your budget allow?

Moving Home Worthing

Here’s a look at the different type of packing services available.

Full Packing Service

If the thought of packing your household up brings you out in a cold sweat, then sit back, relax and leave it to the professionals. A full packing service means you won’t need to lift a finger. Your removals team will pack and label all of your belongings in the best possible way to avoid damage or breakages and they’ll also dismantle larger items such as beds. Heavy domestic appliance are moved with trolleys and carefully loaded onto the removals lorry in the correct way, avoiding injury.

Part Pack

A part pack service is perfect for those who want to pack their own clothes, toys and bedding etc. The removals team will pack the more fragile items such as glassware, china, framed pictures and mirrors. Professional packers have experience packing delicate items and there’s less risk of breakages.

Self Pack

If you prefer to do all the packing yourself, or have a limited budget, then consider a self pack service. The removals team can supply you with all the necessary packing materials before moving day, then they’ll take care of loading it all onto the lorry and transporting it to your new home.


If you’re selling your home, you’ll want it to look as de-cluttered as possible, but you may not want to throw away items. By choosing a de-clutter pack, surplus items can be packed up early and stored at the depot, then be delivered with everything else on moving day.

What ever packing service you choose, an inventory will always be taken, so you can be sure that you haven’t missed anything and you’ll have a record of every box.

With over 60 years experience in home removals throughout Worthing, O’Brien of Worthing knows everything there is to know about moving home. We offer a range of packing services to suit your needs, ensuring that your belongings are in safe hands. Contact us today for more information.