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5 Proven Moving Tips to Help Send You Off to University (the Right Way)

You’re going to university! Brilliant!

Are you ready? YES!”

Removals LittlehamptonAre you packed? “Uhhhhhh……”

It’s okay. Don’t worry. Very few students are. That’s why we’ve created this post. In it, you’ll find 5 proven moving tips that will make your send off a proper one.

Let’s jump right in:

Get Organized

The first – and most important – moving tip is to get your possessions organised. Do this by gathering all belongings. Then, sort through them. Organised them based on the following:

  • Fragile items
  • Valuables
  • Clothes
  • School Supplies
  • Linens
  • Personal items
  • Toiletries

Once organised, packing and moving will seem much easier. Realise that dorm rooms are small. You will almost certainly have too much stuff for a tiny dorm room. And that’s okay—because O’Brien of Worthing is here to help. We offer different sized storage containers to make removals in Littlehampton easy. Our containers are a simple, safe, and effective storage solution that will help you not have to throw any belongings away.

Throwing Your Belongings in a Box (or Car) Won’t Cut It

After organising comes packing. Throwing your belongings in a box (or car) is never a good idea—important items might break or get lost. A great resource to help you with removals in Littlehampton is our packing service. We offer four packing services for removals in Littlehampton. They are:

  • Full pack
  • Self pack
  • Part pack
  • Export pack

Each has been created for very specific university moving situations. One is bound to provide you with the perfect packing solution.

Family is There to Help

We’ve given you two great ways O’Brien can help you with your move. Now we’ll give you something you can on your own:


Removals LittlehamptonYou can’t do it on your own. Don’t be scared to ask family for help. Believe us when we say they’ll be happy to help. Most family members know what it’s like to move to university and are willing and eager to lend a helping hand with removals in Littlehampton.

An additional resource is your friends. But asking them for help usually requires some form of return service. Be ready for this if you decide to enlist the help of friends.

Come Up with a Plan

You’ve organized. You’ve packed. You’ve received help from O’Brien and your family. Now……

Come up with a plan that includes all logistics. Know how you’ll be getting from point A to point B. Know how you’ll be unpacking. Know who can help you unpack. And, know how long it will take to unpack – you definitely don’t want to be late for your first class.  

Be Excited!

You’re ready to start the next chapter of your life. Be excited!

University is both a rewarding and enriching experience!


You now know five proven moving tips to help send you off to university. Use them to make your life easier. Remember, O’Brien of Worthing is always here to help.

For further enquiries into our removals Littlehampton service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, visit us online to find out more information on our removals services. We would love to help send you off to university on the right foot.

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5 Ways a Professional Removal Service Can Make Your Life Easier

Moving is a complete pain. The costs, the effort, the frustrations…ALL OF IT.  No one – and we mean no one – likes to move. Luckily, there are ways that you can make your move easier. The main one being to hire a professional removal service.

We’ve created this post to give you five ways a professional removal service can really make your life easier. Let’s jump right in:

Furniture Removals

Furniture is super heavy – and moving it is no joke. It can be difficult to lift furniture. It can also be difficult to move it through your home. Often times, walls, flooring, and furniture get damaged due people not being able to remove furniture properly. Time and time again we see customers who need our furniture removals Crawley service because they couldn’t do it on their own. When we help them, everything goes fine.


Packing can be frustrating. It’s hard to determine what items should be grouped together. It’s also hard to figure out how to maximise space so you aren’t spending money on extra boxes. At O’Brien of Worthing, we make removals in Crawley easy by packing belongings ourselves. We ensure that all your items are loaded, boxed, and wrapped to a professional standard. We also provide you with all the packaging materials you need – no purchasing unnecessary items or wasting valuable time to make a run to the store.

Removals CrawleyPiano Removals

Pianos are the heaviest items in homes. Moving them can’t be done without the help of a removal service. Our piano removals Crawley services can save you time and frustration. We know, and use, all the tricks and tips needed to remove your piano and bring it to your new location. Piano removals in Crawley are our specialty.

Removal of Special Items

Special items that are heavy and/or delicate can be tricky to remove. We have the experience needed to move these type of items. We use a special degree of attention and professional handling to get the job done – every time. If you have special requests, we’ll gladly make note. Know that all your possessions will be treated with care and attention.

Moves Across Europe

A big move across Europe is tough. We can make it easier by providing removals in Crawley which will allow you to focus on moving into your home, from wherever you might be moving from – safely and securely. We will be with your possessions every step of the way – to whatever country you’re moving to. Distance doesn’t matter. We’ll gladly sit down with you and come up with a plan that best meets you and your family’s needs.

Furniture, piano, and specialty item removals can save you time and energy. They can also prevent injury and home damage. Packaging and across Europe moving help can make your move much easier.

Whatever your moving need, O’Brien can help. We’ve been in business for 60 years because we know what it takes to get the job done. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you with your move.

Removals Haywards Heath

Dealing With Homesickness When Moving To University

 You’ve studied hard, you’ve got your results and your university place is secured! Finally, you can leave the family home behind and start your life of independence. The prospect of leaving home for the first time seems very exciting and most students can’t wait to fly the nest.  However, although, many may never admit it, it’s also a daunting and scary time and no matter how tough you think you are, there will be times when you crave your old bed and mum’s home cooking.

It’s natural to get pangs of homesickness when you move away to university so here’s some helpful advice to help you cope better in your first few days.

Familiarise Yourself

Visit your chosen university town or city and familiarise yourself with the local area. Find out where the local shopping centre, cinema and most convenient supermarket is before you move there.

Removals Haywards Heath

Take advantage of fresher’s week to get to know others and familiarise yourself with the campus so it won’t seem so daunting and alien in the first few days.

Learn To Cook

If you’re missing mum’s cottage pie then learn to cook it yourself. A taste of home cooked favourite dishes will help you feel more at home in your new digs. Learning to cook can also help you from wasting money on takeaways and pot noodles. Good food is also healthier, helping you get your daily quote of vitamins and avoiding colds and flu. Cooking together is also a great way for housemates to bond and form friendships.


Getting involved in clubs and societies is the easiest way to meet others and start making friends. A sporting activity will keep you busy, fit and raise your serotonin levels. Eating well and keeping active will go a long way to helping you feel upbeat and therefore less homesick.

Pack Well

Whether you start off in halls or move straight into rented accommodation, ensure you pack wisely so you will feel more comfortable and more at home. Essentials include:

  • Favourite bedding, duvet and pillows
  • Kitchen utensils and equipment
  • Towels
  • Laundry bag or basket
  • A mini fridge for your room
  • Cookery books
  • A lamp, posters, cushions and even fairy lights to string around your room, to make it look more cosy and help you feel at home.
  • Teddy bear (be assured, everyone will have one!)

Finally, remember, your fellow students will be feeling the same as you, so talk to each other!

For more information on our student house removals Haywards Heath services, contact O’Brien of Worthing today.

House Removals Worthing

Why Spain Is So Popular With Ex Pats

Spain has always been a popular destination for older Brits who want to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable retirement. However, many younger Brits are also re-evaluating their lives and are considering the benefits of moving to Europe.

Here’s a look at why Spain is such an appealing destination for Brits who want a change of lifestyle.

House Removals WorthingWeather

Spain receives a large amount of sunny days throughout the year; a nice change from endless rainy days. Good weather encourages you to live a more active and healthy lifestyle and socialise more. Outdoor sports such as jogging, hiking, cycling, golf, tennis and water sports are particularly popular in Spain. However, there’s also the possibility to enjoy winter sports. Fabulous ski resorts can be found in Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees. For the more adventurous sports lovers, the Pyrenees is also one of the premier spots in Europe for white water rafting!


Famous Spanish cities such as Seville, Barcelona and Madrid are famous world wide for their beauty, culture, history, art galleries, museums, shopping and fine cuisine restaurants. For those who enjoy nightlife, the main Spanish cities are buzzing, vibrant destinations, ideal for wining, dining and partying into the night.


Family and community gatherings hold a special meaning for the Spanish and you’ll always find a fiesta being held in one town or village or the other. Fun, friendly and entertaining, a visit to a traditional fiesta is a great way of seeing the ‘real’ Spain. Away from the hectic city lifestyle, the pace of life in smaller towns and villages is also slower and more relaxed.


Once you get away from the busy tourist spots you’ll find a country full of natural beauty offering diverse landscapes, pretty rural villages and unspoilt coastlines. From the green forests of the Basque region to the wilderness of Galicia, the spectacular Picos de Europa or the many national parks, there is always somewhere to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature.


Although more expensive since the introduction of the Euro in 2002, the cost of living in Spain still remains far less than the UK, especially property, petrol, groceries and alcohol.


Spain is only a short flight away from the UK so it’s far more accessible for friends and family than other ex pat destinations such as Australia. In fact with low cost airline deals, it’s practically commutable!

If you’re planning to move to Spain then contact O’Brien Of Worthing for information on our house removals services from Worthing to Europe.

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What Kind Of Packing Service Should You Choose?

One of the most stressful and tiring parts of moving home is the packing. Packing up your belongings isn’t just a case of throwing a few things into boxes and cramming them into the back of a van. Packing needs careful thought and organisation, especially if you want to avoid heated arguments!

When hiring a removals firm, you should consider what kind of packing service will best suit your needs. Are you packing up a one bedroom flat or a five bedroomed house? What kind of service will your budget allow?

Moving Home Worthing

Here’s a look at the different type of packing services available.

Full Packing Service

If the thought of packing your household up brings you out in a cold sweat, then sit back, relax and leave it to the professionals. A full packing service means you won’t need to lift a finger. Your removals team will pack and label all of your belongings in the best possible way to avoid damage or breakages and they’ll also dismantle larger items such as beds. Heavy domestic appliance are moved with trolleys and carefully loaded onto the removals lorry in the correct way, avoiding injury.

Part Pack

A part pack service is perfect for those who want to pack their own clothes, toys and bedding etc. The removals team will pack the more fragile items such as glassware, china, framed pictures and mirrors. Professional packers have experience packing delicate items and there’s less risk of breakages.

Self Pack

If you prefer to do all the packing yourself, or have a limited budget, then consider a self pack service. The removals team can supply you with all the necessary packing materials before moving day, then they’ll take care of loading it all onto the lorry and transporting it to your new home.


If you’re selling your home, you’ll want it to look as de-cluttered as possible, but you may not want to throw away items. By choosing a de-clutter pack, surplus items can be packed up early and stored at the depot, then be delivered with everything else on moving day.

What ever packing service you choose, an inventory will always be taken, so you can be sure that you haven’t missed anything and you’ll have a record of every box.

With over 60 years experience in home removals throughout Worthing, O’Brien of Worthing knows everything there is to know about moving home. We offer a range of packing services to suit your needs, ensuring that your belongings are in safe hands. Contact us today for more information.

Common Moving Mishaps

Removals West Sussex 

It doesn’t matter if you’re just moving down the road or to the other side of the country, packing up and relocating needs careful planning and organisation. Moving home should be an exciting time as you embark on a new adventure, not so stressful that it leaves you tearing your hair out in frustration.

Here’s a look at some common moving mishaps and how to avoid them, ensuring a smooth and effortless move to your new home.


Doing It Yourself

Removals West SussexYou may think moving home’s just a case of chucking a few possessions in boxes and hiring an old van. Then you realise that even with a small house or flat, you’ve suddenly got far more things than you thought. And just how do you think you’re going to move the washing machine and fridge without proper equipment? Is it worth putting your back out lifting heavy boxes, just to save a few pounds, which incidentally, you’ll probably end up spending anyway on chiropractic bills?


Hiring The Wrong Removals Firm

Don’t just hire the first one you come across or the cheapest one you can find. Do a bit of homework, visit their websites (a decent firm will have one), check out testimonials and look at their credentials.


Forgetting To Measure

Removals West SussexThere’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home and discovering that the sofa won’t fit through the doorway. Make sure you measure doorways and stair corners before deciding what you can take.


Packing Rubbish

You’d be surprised at how often this happens; leaving packing until the last minute then packing everything including the stuff for the recycle bin. If organisation isn’t your strong point, then book a full pack service and leave it to the professionals.



Forgetting Where You Put The Remote Control

Removals West SussexIf you do opt for a self pack service, ensure you label the boxes properly. Misplacing the remote control just before the start of Euro 2016 can lead to serious marriage disharmony. Likewise, when dismantling beds. Put screws and bolts in small plastic bags and tape them to their corresponding bed frame.


Packing The Kettle

Moving is a strenuous business so give the moving guys a break and make sure you provide refreshments. Tea and coffee will be more than welcome as will cold water on hotter moving days.


Finally, remember that you’re not a removals expert; a reputable removals firm will have far more experience, so trust them to get on with job.


For more information on our packing and removals service, West Sussex, contact O’Brien Of Worthing today.

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La Dolce Vita – Moving To Italy

Worthing Removals

Many dream of living in a cosmopolitan Italian city surrounded by history and culture while enjoying a buzzing night life or living a tranquil life in a Tuscan villa steeped in splendid sunshine. In fact, Italy has a lot to offer whatever your tastes: food, wine, coffee, fashion and art, beautiful and timeless cities and towns, romantic scenery and a great climate.
If you’re planning to move to Italy then here’s a look at some of the advantages of the Dolce Vita that will never make you want to come back.


Cost Of Living

The cost of living depends on where you live as there is a significant difference between the north and south. For instance: Rental prices in Milan are a whopping 152% higher than Bari and groceries, 14%. However, compared to the UK, the average overall cost of living in Italy is much lower. Rental properties are 65% higher in the UK and house prices are 66% higher.
A pizza will cost around €8 and, even in cities such as Milan and Florence, a couple can eat well in a mid-range restaurant for around €60.
You can also pick up a drinkable bottle of wine from the supermarket for as little as €3-4.


Food And Drink

Worthing RemovalsItalian food is probably the most famous and widely used in the world. Large supermarkets offering an enormous range of salamis, meats, cheeses and seafood, are a haven for food lovers. It’s very rare that you’ll eat badly in Italy. Even motorway service stations offer an incredible range of fresh, mouth-watering panini and pastries.
You’ll find a coffee bar on nearly every street corner where you can stop for a quick cappuccino or espresso, or linger over a midday ‘aperitivo’.



Facilities such as motorway toll booths, ticket dispensers and even self-service supermarket check-outs are also available in English.



Worthing RemovalsItaly positively oozes history and culture: from the ancient sights of Rome to the enchanting, winding streets of Florence, it’s a country where ancient meets modern and is loved by historians and art lovers alike.


Natural Beauty

Italy has a stunning and varied landscape: from undulating Tuscan hills adorned with olive groves and grape vines, to spectacular coastlines and awe-inspiring mountains; wherever you are, you’ll find nature on the doorstep.

Italy is only a short flight away from the UK. If you are planning to move from Worthing, O’Brien Of Worthing offer a fully comprehensive removals service to major European countries, including Italy. Contact us today for more information.Worthing Removals

Moving Home

Moving HomeIt’s said that moving home is so stressful, it comes third behind death and divorce. Although this is a gross exaggeration, moving home can effect many people in a negative way. But then if you look at the many ‘relocation’ shows on TV, it’s also something that deep, down we all dream of doing: moving onwards and upwards, finding our dream home, starting afresh.

If the fear of moving is holding you back, take a step back and consider the positives. For every doubt or worry, there’s an optimistic side to think about.
Here’s a look at some of the hardest things about moving home and how you can always find a positive solution to make the process less stressful.


Letting Go

Moving HomeLetting go can be difficult for many. You may be moving away from your childhood neighbourhood or leaving a home where your children have been growing up. Leaving family, friends and neighbours behind can be a major upheaval and the thought of moving into new territory can be frightening.
Unpack immediately and start transforming your new place into your home. Invite friends and family to stay and get to know the neighbours with a housewarming.



Moving HomeMoving can be stressful for many children, especially if they have to change schools. Moving during the summer can help them adjust to their new home before beginning a new school year in September.
Let them choose their bedroom and allow them a bit of decorative freedom to make it their own. Get out and about and help them explore their new surroundings. If the neighbours have kids, invite them round. Sometimes children adapt better than adults so encourage them to see the positives in moving to a new home: it could be a bigger garden, a new playroom, even room for a pet!


Home Improvements

Moving HomeA new home is a blank canvas, ready for you to personalise and make your own. Home improvements should be exciting, whether you’re planning a new kitchen or just adding a coat of paint. If it’s too overwhelming, take it one room at a time. If possible, major renovations such as kitchens and bathroom replacements should be done before you move in. Simple decorating jobs can bring a lot of satisfaction and save you money. Get friends and family to help out too.
Finally, what better excuse is there to crack open a bottle of bubbly and toast your new life!
For more information on our moving home services in Worthing, contact O’Brien of Worthing home removals today.

Removals Company Horsham

The Benefits Of Moving Home In The Summer

Moving home is an exciting and emotional time so you’ll want the whole relocating process to go as smoothly as possible. We can’t always have the luxury of choosing what time of year to move, however, there’s no doubting that relocating in the summer is far more preferable than doing it in the middle of winter.

Removals Company Horsham

Here are just some of the benefits of moving home in the summer.

Property Market

If you’re planning to move during the summer then you’ll need to get your house sold in the spring. Luckily, this is the most popular time for the UK property market. There are more buyers circulating and you’re more likely to get the asking price.

As spring arrives, get your garden in tip top condition for prospective buyers. Blooming flowers, freshly mown lawns and patios adorned with pots and hanging baskets will attract more viewings. 


Summer means longer days with daylight lasting up to 10pm. Moving at this time of year, you won’t have to worry about heating your new home or traffic delays due to snow and ice.

School Holidays

For families, moving in the summer nicely rounds off the school year. The kids will have the whole summer ahead of them to adjust to their new home and even make local friendships before the new term in September.

Home Improvements

You may want to get started on renovations or decorating immediately so, with more likelihood of decent weather, you can open up the house, let in the fresh air and get more done during the longer days. If the kitchen’s being redecorated you can light up the BBQ and eat outside.


Summer is perfect for a house warming BBQ so you can show off your home and garden to friends and family. People socialise more during the warmer months so it’s a great time to get to know the neighbours and form new friendships. You can also take advantage of the better weather to explore the local area and try out new pubs.

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are held more frequently during the spring and summer months and offer a great way to de-clutter before moving day and making some extra cash. You may even pick up a bargain or two for your new home.

Now is the time to book a removals company for your summer move. Obrien of Worthing Horsham is a reliable, friendly and professional removals company Horsham. For more information on our removals packages, contact us today.

Removals To Ireland From West Sussex

6 Reasons For Moving To Ireland

The Irish are well-known throughout history for a being a large migrant group, emigrating to other countries in seek of a better life. But in recent times the tables have turned as many people consider moving to the Emerald Isle, attracted by the lifestyle it has to offer. With affordable house prices, the great outdoors and warm, friendly people, it’s easy to see why.

Removals To Ireland From West Sussex

Here are 6 good reasons why a move to Ireland can improve your quality of life.

1. Scenery

Ireland isn’t a large island, so whatever city you’re in, you’ll never be more than an hour’s drive away from stunning scenery. From rugged landscapes and lush green pastureland to ancient castles and spectacular, untouched coastlines; Ireland’s got it all and it’s right on your doorstep.

2. Culture

Music, arts, folklore, a world-famous university; Ireland is a land that’s rich with culture. The country has produced some of the greatest literary talents, musicians and actors in the world.

3. Social Life

From the buzzing night life and fine restaurants of Dublin to quaint old pubs with traditional Irish music; you’re sure to receive a decent pint and a warm welcome.

4. Outdoors

If you’re a sports lover, Ireland is the perfect place for many activities including horse riding, golf and cycling, while the Atlantic swirl offers some of the best surfing in the world.

5. Weather

Yes, seriously! Irish weather takes a lot of stick but frequent rainfall is hardly surprising for a large rock in the middle of the Atlantic. 

It’s the rain that gives Ireland its lush, green pastures, which in turn, helps to produce some of the best tasting meat and dairy products in the world.

When the sun does shine, the island is transformed into an emerald jewel and warm, summer days are treasured even more.

In colder weather there’s nothing better than curling up beside a warm turf fire while the rain’s lashing down outside.

And if you’re in really need of a warm break, the Mediterranean is only a short plane ride away.

6. People

Maybe it’s the lilting accent that adds to the charm but it’s no myth that Ireland is one of the friendliest, helpful and happy-go-lucky nations in the world. No other country can match the warmth, wit and humour of the Irish.

If you are re-locating to this beautiful country and need to organise removals to Ireland from West Sussex, then contact Obrien of Worthing for a professional, reliable and friendly removals service.