Piano Removals

There’s a certain art to the removal of a piano; an extremely heavy yet intricately engineered instrument, only the utmost care and experience must be utilised when you need one moved elsewhere. At O’Brien of Worthing, we consider piano removals a speciality. With decades of experience in the removal, packing and transportation of pianos and other heavy-yet-delicate goods, we’re more than equipped to ensure that your piano removal goes perfectly.

There’s a good reason Laurel and Hardy had such a hard time getting that piano down that hill; pianos are notoriously difficult items to move. Rarely do they perfectly align with the entryways of a given home, and manoeuvring them must be undertaken with absolute care and attention, due to the highly intricate and fragile interior mechanism. O’Brien of Worthing strongly discourage those who need to move a piano from attempting to do so themselves; it would be better by far to instead attain the services of a quality, dependable removals company with a massive reserve of experience in piano removals such as ourselves.

Contact O’Brien of Worthing Removals today if you’re planning a big move and need to transport heavy, delicate belongings such as pianos or similarly complicated items. We can discuss your move with you and arrange a date to begin work. Before you know it, you’ll be playing symphonies in your new home!