Student Removals

Student Removals Sussex

Halls Ahoy! The student life beckons, be it for you or someone close, and while it may be time to move across the country for an education and a new start, you don’t want to leave everything behind. Here at O’Brien of Worthing, we have over 60 years experience in short and long-haul removals, and can be relied upon to ensure that your belongings arrive alongside you in your new residence.

As the oldest removals firm in Worthing under original family ownership, we have a rare degree of experience in removals, and there’s little we haven’t seen already. So if you’re concerned about precious and fragile items, fret no more, because the professionals at O’Brien of Worthing will get your possessions from Point A to Point B with the utmost care and consideration in their handling.

Are you or your loved one planning to study abroad? No problem! O’Brien of Worthing have years of experience in helping people move onto the continent. We’ve delivered folding-chairs to Florence and beds to Berlin, and know Europe like no other UK removals company, so you don’t have to worry about your things arriving alongside you.

If you or someone close are planning to move soon to study, give O’Brien of Worthing a call! We can discuss your move date, the amount you need moved and arrange an arrival time. We can even help you pack; our packing services ensure that your possessions are professionally stored and stacked safely. Or if you’d rather do it yourself, we can provide you with all the boxes, paper and tape you could even need!

Moving is a difficult process, and we feel that rather than saddling yourselves with the burden of gathering, packing and transporting what could be several journey’s worth of possessions, better to get in touch with reliable, dependable and experienced masters in the trade.

Call O’Brien of Worthing today, and let us help you get where you’re going.