Worthing Removals

Worthing Removals

For many, moving home can be an exciting and exhilarating experience, but for others it can be  an incredibly stressful time, especially the logistical part of the actual move. If the mere thought of moving day is filling you with dread then breathe deeply, calm down and get yourself a checklist. Checklists are a great way of keeping things in perspective, helping you to remember the smaller details and giving you a feeling of satisfaction and relief every time you tick something off the list.

Here’s a few extra tips to add to your checklist and help your move go even more smoothly.


Work out exactly what you want to take and what needs to be thrown out. Not only will it give you a great feeling of liberation, it’ll cut down on the volume of items to be moved. Clear out the garage and the attic and consider a car boot sale to sell off excess items.


Pack In Advance

It doesn’t all have to be done on moving day. Your moving company can provide you with boxes in advance to pack away non-essential items. It’s also a good idea to dismantle and clean garden items such as children’s swings, slides and garden furniture well in advance.

Worthing RemovalsClean The Oven

It’s usually the little things that cause the most stress. Don’t leave this laborious task until the last minute. Prepare easy meals in the last week and grab a take-away on the night before moving day.

If you’re taking your fridge/freezer, defrost and clean it a couple of days before the move and hang teabags inside to absorb moisture and prevent bad odours. Use an ice-filled cooler box for the last couple of days.

Make sure the washing machine is drained and stabilised before moving day. Take the last few items of laundry to a laundrette.

Packing Last Minute Items

Buy disposable plates and cutlery for the last day. Just make sure the kettle’s still available!

Set aside a box for cleaning products and pack it in the car. You’ll have them on hand for when you arrive at your new home.

Pack a suitcase full of essential clothing, bathroom items, towels and linen so you don’t spend your first night in your new home rummaging through boxes to find a pair of pyjamas.

Last but not least, don’t forget to read the meters before you leave. For a stress-free move, contact O’Brien Of Worthing Removals today.